Below are Emmanuel Day School’s policies relating to class hours, potty training, allergens, inclement weather and emergencies. Our full handbook, including all school policies, is available upon request.

Class Hours

Classrooms open at 9:00 AM.
Classes meet from 9:00 AM until 12:00 PM.
Lunch Bunch pickup is at 1:00 PM.

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Nobody is Perfect – Potty Training Policy

          While students at Emmanuel Day School need to be potty trained, we realize that children learn potty training in different ways. In particular, for younger students entering our Turtles class, this can be a source of stress and anxiety. We want to work through this with you for everyone’s benefit.

EDS students are permitted to wear pull-ups at school. If a child has a “wet accident”, the Teacher or Director will help the child change into clean clothes. If the child has a bowel movement, the Teacher or Director will call a parent or guardian and ask them to come to school to change the child.

         By late fall, we will evaluate how independent toilet usage is going for all of our students. We reserve the right to ask students to take a leave of absence from EDS if repeat “accidents” are becoming too disruptive to the classroom. When this does occur, the student may consider spending this time away from EDS at Patti’s Play Center (if space is available), while they are completing their potty training.

Snack / Allergen Policy

A nutritious snack plus water to drink will be provided to each student daily. Please note that the snacks the school provides are nut-free. Please let us know if there are particular foods that your child must not eat for religious reasons and particularly if there are any food allergies. In class and party snacks cannot be homemade and must be in original packaging. Please also make sure all ingredients are from a facility that does not process nuts. The link below provides an extensive list of snack options. Please note that manufacturers do change ingredients/manufacturing processes, so please double check packaging.

Snack List

Snow Policy

Emmanuel Day School (EDS) follows the Mercer Island School District (MISD) school closure policy due to inclement weather. If MISD schools are closed due to inclement weather, EDS will be closed. If MISD schools have a delayed start, EDS will be closed.

Please visit to check for school closures.

Emergency Response

While we enjoy how smoothly the school runs, we still plan for emergencies. Emmanuel Day School trains for and practices fire drills, earthquake drills, and lockdowns (called Huddle Ups). We also utilize the communication app Seesaw, which is also used by the MISD, to relay daily information and emergency information to our families.